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May. 20th, 2019

[info]ralsie in [info]repose



Home sweet home. But it’s Repose, so it’s really more like ‘wellcome back to wierdness’, whatever. Is good to be here. I wood ask about hapened while I was gone, but I’m sure it was allot.

May. 19th, 2019

[info]solus in [info]repose

WHO: Ren & Noah
WHEN: After the weekend.
WHERE: The Coffee shop and Bookstore.
SUMMARY: Ren owes Noah a free drink and he comes to pick it up.
WARNINGS: None yet, will update accordingly.

Morning rush had mostly come and gone. )

[info]verbumdomini in [info]repose

Leena; Adrian; Hannah; Public

[Leena B]
Did you go check yet? Or are you still sure it was voluntary?

[Adrian M]
How did your conversation go? I am sorry I vanished for a while.

[Hannah S]
Have you heard from Rory? He is not answering me.

You had a really nice axe in the woods that were not the woods. I would like to thank you.

[info]ofvanir in [info]repose



Were you the artist in a dream?

[info]loud in [info]repose

Aleksi A+Dietre A, Tandy B

[Locked to Aleksi A+Dietre A]
Hey can I talk to you dudes about like where/how Aleksi was found?

Oh and Dietre did you see my post? I was kinda hoping I'd here from you man.

[Locked to Tandy B]
Hey dude

[info]awry in [info]repose

adrian m, marta f, bea h

[locked to adrian m]
so about the portal under the facility.

[locked to marta f]
so, sunny,
let's talk about how i got upset,
and you got upset,
and we both got upset.

[delivered to bea h]
[Divorce papers. They're delivered via courier, using the Webster family lawyer, and they're crazy generous. The lawyer was actually way disapproving, but she gets alimony until she marries, and she gets the lion's share of Holly's military earnings and his entire pension, regardless of her married-unmarried state.]

May. 18th, 2019

[info]solus in [info]repose


[After he receives the note, Ren can be seen leaving the neighborhood on his motorcycle. His apartment is dark for the rest of the weekend, and any texts/forum locks go unanswered until the following Monday morning.]

[info]strikethose in [info]repose

some letters and locks in the form of goodbyes

[lock to damian w]

Hello Damian, I wanted to let you know that I've decided to leave Repose. I may very well come back, but I decided to visit my family in America, then travel back home for a while and spend some time in Europe. I've gotten a bit complacent here, and it's time for a change. Which does not mean you get to stop talking to me and telling me how you are.

[lock to misha b]

Hello Misha. I'm afraid I've decided to leave Repose for the time being to do a bit of travelling. I know I can trust you to look after Damian, but who will look after you?

[lock to jamie m]

Jamie, I've decided to leave Repose and go on an extended trip. I'm afraid I don't know if I'll be back, but I insist you keep in touch.

[lock to daniel w]

Daniel, I'm leaving town and travelling to Europe. [...] If the mood strikes you, you should consider visiting while I'm over there. I know you don't travel much, but a change might suit you, you never know.

[note to ren s]

Ren, just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving Repose. I wish you only the best. Please take care of yourself.

[note delivered to tandy b]

Tandy, I'm terribly sorry to tell you that I've made the decision to leave town, and will be shutting the antique store as a result. I'm sorry to leave you in the lurch so soon after employing you - please let me know if I can provide you with a good reference.

[info]lightsome in [info]repose

Locked (Seven M)

[Locked to the haunted anon]
[After this and this, and he ain't got a clue if it'll work.]

You don't know me from Adam, I reckon, but I knew the boy haunting you, and I want to help some. Can you message back?

May. 17th, 2019

[info]favoured in [info]repose

Log: Lakeside mansion

Who: Seven, Klaus, and the ghost of Liam past~
What: New meaning to ‘ghosted by my ex’
Where: Seven’s home by the lake
When: After this, and this
Warnings/Rating: Here there be sads

And if I only could I'd make a deal with God and I'd get him to swap our places. )

[info]sonataind in [info]repose

misha b.

[A few days after Liam's visit, after he's had time to calm down, think, and attempt to research on his own.]

Misha. I don't know if you may have already found out somehow, but Liam's dead. [...] His ghost came to me a few nights ago. I've read through Nilus' notebook over and over, but I can't find anything that could be a way to reach him. I want to help Liam, but I don't know what to do.

May. 16th, 2019

[info]frangible in [info]repose

public, marta f

This town needs a non-bullshit party. I'm thinking weekend bonfire, yeah? All the marshmallow roasting, none of the drama.

[Text to MARTA]

[info]pippintern in [info]repose

So I heard about some spectral lights/will o' wisps/swamp lights. I went to have a look for myself and wow! Look what I got! )


Flash )

May. 15th, 2019

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose

log: the capital - mao & vaughn

Who: Mao and Vaughn.
What: Mao gets caught having a midnight snack.
Where: Hospital in the Capital.
When: Late night.
Warnings/Rating: Lowish? Mao chews on dead people idk.

This wasn’t the kind of hunger that could be satisfied by binging at an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet... )

[info]yobun_james in [info]repose

Quaint little town you have here. Nicely delineated between this side and that side. Reminds me of home in a way. All you need is a gambling/opium/heroin den.

[info]innumerable in [info]repose

Delivery: Adrian M, Daniel W, "News"

[Delivery: Adrian M]

[Delivered by owl, after sundown. A note. It simply tells Adrian that Newt is going to join Patrick for a time. He's taken his case, the dog, and the cats. They'll be back and please, take care of himself.]

[Delivery: Daniel W]

[Left under the door to Daniel's flat is a note from Newt. It says he's going abroad for a bit, but that he'll be back and would he please look after Adrian now and again.]

[Any forums locked to Newt do go through, but they remain unanswered. The cabin in the woods is empty and locked up.]

May. 14th, 2019

[info]lightsome in [info]repose


[After this.]

The cats in town have gotten real big. I reckon them big cats best be careful fore someone starts thinking it's hunting season.

[info]loud in [info]repose

Holly W

[Locked to Holly W]
You ok?

May. 13th, 2019

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose


[As the weather grows warmer and spring inches toward summer, gossip turns to sightings of a large, dog-sized cat prowling various areas in town; namely the old cemetery and around abandoned properties in the woods. Some say it's eyes glow in the dark, others claim it has two tails, while the skeptical argue that there are reasonable explanations, like local wildlife being misidentified by those under the influence.

There have also been reports of Will o’ the wisps or St. Elmo’s fire in similar areas of town, though no real connection between the cat sightings and the fiery lights has been made. The phenomenon has mostly been assumed to being brought about by the changing of the seasons.]

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