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Nov. 21st, 2019

[info]coryphee in [info]repose

Mars M, Seven M/Ren S/Adrian M/Alex W/Holly NW/Sage B

[Mars M: text]

hey you home yet?

[Sage B, Ren S, Alex W, Adrian M, Holly NW, Seven M - separately]

So like, how fucking weird scale 1-10?

[info]somesympathy in [info]repose

[Group lock: Claire, Janus, Misha, Damian]

Lovelies? How are you?

[info]provenance in [info]repose

Public, Janus A, Noah N-W, J Arthur, Hannah S


Well I found that bracing, a nice reminder that the town gets up to fuckery on the regular. To Kelly, may you drink purple smoke with impunity off the train as well as on.

[Janus A]

So, darling?

[[Noah N-W]]

No dreams this time?

[[J Arthur]]

Are you going to confess all or do I need to drag it out of you?

[Hannah S]

Life positively isn't the same if I can't catch your eye across a cafeteria and ask who you were for a night.

[info]glittertribe in [info]repose

Frank R

[Locked to Frank R]

Night okay?

[info]loud in [info]repose

Lots o' locks

[It takes him a few hours to get around to posting.]

[Locked to Audrey C]
Giggles you good?

[Locked to Dietre A]
Hey bro you around?

[Locked to Travis B]
All good Bodie?

[Locked to Marta F]
Hey Marta you ok?

[Locked to Tandy B]

[Locked to Harlow J, Atticus M]
[Separate locks.]
Was the night ok?

[Locked to Ren S]
Hey dude

[Locked to Alex W]
Doing ok?

[info]reposefall in [info]repose


If I said rainbow socks or yeezy guitar guy would that mean anything to anyone?

[info]gloam in [info]repose

Lear L

[He knows Lear's last initial from reading through the forums. He's back on the island after the train evening, still feeling under the weather, but feeling marginally better than when he was Lear's guest before the evening on the train.]

[Locked to Lear L]
Sorry to leave without tipping housekeeping.

[info]liminality in [info]repose

Atticus M, Alex W, Tandy B, Jamie M, Harlow J, Noah NW

[Separate locks to all]

Roll call, everybody better be fucking alive. I'm not asking a lot here ppl


So where do we think this ranks on Repose fuckery list? Above being trapped in the dark/somebody else's dream?

Nov. 20th, 2019

[info]reposefall in [info]repose

Log: Schoolboy/Witch

Who: The Schoolboy and the Witch
What: Dancing and reveals
Where: Train
When: Immediately after this
Warnings/Rating: Cutes everywhere.

Music and dance )

[info]reposefall in [info]repose

The Illusion and the Mirror

Who: The Illusion and the Mirror
What: Talking
Where: The train
When: Immediately following this
Warnings/Rating: We'll see.

Promises )

[info]nothingends in [info]repose

various locks.

[Hannah S.]
Alright, darling?

[Theodore C.]
Make it through the evening?

[Atticus M.]
Leave the island for a night?

[info]reposefall in [info]repose


Paging Count Ramalamadingdong. Are you a grammar Nazi here too or are you cool?

[info]reposefall in [info]repose


Are you less fixated on Paradise in the day to day, or is it a rather permanent fixture of your personality?

[info]detached in [info]repose

Claire J, Dante Z, Damian W, Jack P

[Locked to Claire]

Hey, were you there?

[Locked to Dante]

Were you on the train?

[Locked to Damian]

Check in, please.

ETA: [Locked to Jack P]

How was your evening?

[info]reposeanon in [info]repose


Did you like being someone else?

[info]caeteradesunt in [info]repose

lock to ren s

[locked to ren s]

Hi you.

[info]bestgirl in [info]repose


PSA: road trips are great! If you can take the time off, I highly recommend them. Especially doing it before winter storm season hits.

Did I miss anything fun?

[info]deteriorate in [info]repose

Mayer+, Amy M+Marta F, Billy K

[Group lock: Amy M+Mars M+Jamie M+David N]
sound off.

[Group lock: Amy M+Marta F]
all good?

[Locked to Billy K]
[Someone has to check on him, so...] hey.

Nov. 19th, 2019

[info]reposefall in [info]repose

Anon, public.

I'm looking for a man named Waterhouse. I presume not the painter.

[info]reposefall in [info]repose

[After: The Lieutenant/Noah NW]

Who: The Lieutenant (only not really) & Noah Nicodemo
What: After
Where: Somewhere between the train station and downtown
When: Sunrise
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Holly wasn't on the train. )

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